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She is the daughter of a local businessman Rupert Ondrejco, a Slovak miner as a child, now local launderer, tailor, and dry-cleaning store operator. Her husband, Caspar Roberts, is the wealthiest man in town. Caspar owns half of Nazareth and without his money and place in the community, she is back to being the daughter of those regarded in the lower class of Nazareth. She is a woman gripped with fear and expectation of how she should "be" in the early 1960’s.  Caspar’s indiscretions and heavy drinking have led her to a different perspective on her “Control.”  

Portrayed by Carleen Rack

Chelsea Roberts

He is the wealthiest man in town. His wealth and family name are attributed to his father building his fortune. Unfortunately, Caspar has abused this privilege and his behavior has become local fodder and gossip among the town. He loves Chelsea but is consistently lured to indiscretion and ill-leveraged behavior based more on his alcohol consumption thus leading to hazy thinking on the moral and ethical implications of his behavior. His actions will have their consequences. 

Portrayed by Ralph Pallarino

Caspar Roberts

He is the only son of Caspar and Chelsea Roberts. An amiable young lad, he adores his father and thinks the world of him. To him, “Daddy” is his superhero.

Portrayed by Patrick D'Amico

Caspar Roberts Jr. 


She is the only daughter of Caspar and Chelsea Roberts. Her mother’s daughter, she loves her parents but is acutely aware that something is not right about  her father’s behavior. She is more conscious of the changes in affection between her parents and senses that something is about to change.

Portrayed by Tabatha Roma

Tabatha Roberts

She is a single housewife. She has a child whose father has been missing for some time. Her family’s profession is cabinetmaking and they own the local furniture store. Her Father not only keeps her living in the style that she has become accustomed to but also affords her the opportunity to maintain her status at the Nazareth Country Club and in the community as a single working mother whose husband abandoned her, even though most see her as an opportunist waiting for the next best thing.  

Portrayed by Corrie Graham

Diane Schmitt

He is a Pennsylvania Dutch born male that is second in longevity in wealth and family name to Caspar Roberts. His family is in farming and the newly found interest in Modified Car Racing. He is quite charismatic and is a regular at the Nazareth Country Club. He has a keen interest in Diane Schmitt but also suspects that she is having an affair with Caspar Roberts.

Portrayed by Dave Polgar

Dieter Arnwald

He is a Cuban immigrant.  He and his wife are new additions to the Moravian community of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. In Cuba, Ernesto enjoyed the money and business of tourism and tourists pouring in from the United States. Señor Carreras has managed to finagle his way into the community bringing his expertise on Auto racing from the Cuban Gran Prix Races (1957, 1958 & 1960) and hopes to establish the sport locally. His ethnicity is displaced in this small conservative community
but his money is surely welcomed in this new era of the times.

Portrayed by Nathaniel Wood

Ernesto Carreras

She is also a Cuban immigrant like her husband. In Cuba, they enjoyed the money and business of tourism. Estefania, no stranger to quickly adapting to her surroundings marries Senor Carreras as she is not welcome in the new regime of Fidel Castro’s “26th of July Movement” after aligning herself with Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista’s party early on. 

Portrayed by Persy Santos

Estefania a.k.a. Stephanie Carreras

She is the wife of local businessman Rupert Ondrejco and they own a dry-cleaning business. Petra is a quiet subdued woman who met her husband as he was leaving the coal mines of Northeastern Pennsylvania and moving to the small town of Nazareth. Looking for a better life, Petra was proud that she was the wife of a “businessman”. She escaped the miner’s town, but not the miner’s station in life. She had hoped better for her daughter by marrying wealthy, but soon realizes that money does not buy class and that people are, what they are. 

Portrayed by Peggy DiPaolo-Andres

Petra Ondrejco

He was a Slovak miner as a child and is now a local launderer, tailor, and dry-cleaning store operator. Rupert is of an older mindset. His ways are still very European and somewhat misogynistic for the preference of male dominance. He is easily irritated when things are not as they should be in accordance with his “way of life.” However, he does not value his wife and is aware of her disappointment in him. His long hours and his infrequency of communication has severed their relationship. 

Portrayed by Daniel Petrovich

Rupert Ondrejco

She is Caspar's high-school sweetheart and country club member.
A stunning woman in her 40's, she knows much of both the young Caspar Roberts and the man that he has become. His indiscretions have become local fodder but club members dismiss it as jealousy. Secondly, those who would confront Caspar, would find that they lose. Cynthia still silently pines for the man that she dismissed so long ago.

Portrayed by Stacey Redfield

Cynthia Breen

Having spent much time abroad due to her father's work with the US Consulate in Paris, Cassidy has arrived home to be closer to her family. Her father has retired and has moved back to his families roots. Cassidy is an assertive woman with the subtle delicacy of understanding the nuances of "society pleasantries". Her radiant beauty and unassuming demeanor make her a welcome addition. Caspar doesn't realize that some of the most unassuming people are actually the most interesting and powerful of all. They're just decent enough not to display it all the time.

Portrayed by Seregon O'Dassey

Cassidy Breen

A quizzical, opinionated, and quite W.A.S.P.'y woman.
Her demeanor is that of a busy body.

Portrayed by Kris Ballerini

Jean Werkheiser

He is the Nazareth National Bank Manager and Town Council President. His standing in the community is only attained by his position at the bank and his status as Town Council president. He is known to run a tight ship and takes pride in his Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage, however Dwight is not without his own flaws. Ms. Werkheiser, his trusted bank teller soon finds out that amidst all that pomp and circumstance is just another man looking to take what he can. 

Portrayed by Robert Clausnitzer

Dwight Worrell

He is a Police Detective. He is a Korean War Veteran and is a little rough around the edges. He is skeptical of others and certain people in this town needs his full attention. 

Portrayed by Mark Kochanowicz

Detective John McMahon

She is a local woman whose recent divorce and lack of financial support have led to hard times placing her in one of the Robert’s Management Rental Properties. Her recent alleged involvement at her position at the Nazareth National Bank where money has gone missing and her constant delinquency on her monthly rent and bills have placed an inordinate amount of stress in attempting to keep her daughter and home safe. Her decisions in life are based more on lack of options as opposed to clear thinking and well planned execution. 

Portrayed by Melissa Connell

Joyce Ruch

The daughter of Joyce Ruch, she exemplifies the adage of children should be seen and not heard. A quiet and respectful young lady, she is aware that something is amiss with her mother and her relationship with Caspar Roberts.  

Portrayed by Jordan King

Kitty Ruch

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