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"Control" is the story of the changing perception of women
in America and the presence of adopting a new attitude on
how women see themselves and their role in society. 

The Eisenhower’s new interstate system is in place and more often, people are venturing farther than they ever have before.
This freedom to travel and “See the USA in your Chevrolet”
- a popular ad campaign in the 1960’s and the rise of
the divorce rate in the early 1960’s have many women
entering the workplace due to this new change.


This spawns a new era in the decisions and choices that women
are making with regards to where they live, whom they are with,
and what they will or will not settle for in their relationships.

For Chelsea Roberts, the question becomes not
who is in Control but who takes Control?


This will be a choice she will soon be faced with...

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